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Please be reminded of the importance of providing complete originator and beneficiary details, as well as any additional information required locally in the destination country of your payments. Not providing required country information may result in your transactions being delayed or returned by the beneficiary bank. Specifically, please note Canadian regulatory requirements for all electronic fund transfer payments sent in and out of Canada, including payments in USD, CAD or any other currency. Compliance with the Canadian Travel Rule and inclusion of the Canadian Clearing Code are required to avoid delay or return payments. Meeting these standards now will help ensure successful payments as more countries adopt local payment requirements.

Requirements for Canada Travel Rule Compliance

  • Full beneficiary address containing the street number and name, city name, province, postal code and country code. Addresses identified only with a PO Box do not meet the requirements.
    • If applicable, the beneficiary’s account number or other reference number.
    • The name, address and account number or other reference number (if any) of the person or entity who requested the transfer (originator information)

Canadian Clearing Code (CC) Details

  • The CC code consists of 9 digits, the first 4 identifying the bank and the next 5 identifying the branch of the bank.
    • The CC code should be placed in the identifier line of the Beneficiary’s Bank field (with the Bank’s SWIFT BIC in the following line) or in the Originator to Beneficiary or Bank to Bank Information fields.
    • The CC code may be imbedded in the Beneficiary’s account number. Any Canadian beneficiary account number that is more than 7 or 8 digits likely already includes the branch and/or the bank identifier.
    • Most Canadian banks publish specific wiring instructions on their websites or provide them to their customers. These wiring instructions clarify CC code requirements. Your originator is the best source for CC code information. If they do not have the CC code, please ask them to obtain this information from their beneficiary.

For questions or additional assistance, please contact your Relationship Manager or call us on 441.296.6969.

Your online security is important to us. To enhance your protection and decrease fraud probability, you are reminded of the following:

  • Protect Your OTP code: Your OTP (One-time Password)is the number generated by your token to access your Clarien iBank account. Your OTP should never be shared.
  • Use your Clarien Soft Token for easy iBank access: For a secure, convenient way to authenticate transactions, download the Clarien Soft Token today from the Google Play or App Stores.
  • Soft Token Prompts: Only answer “Yes” to a soft token prompt if you are certain that you initiated an action. Clarien’s Client Service Centre will not initiate an action requiring a soft token prompt on your behalf. Immediately hang-up if someone claiming to be from Clarien asks you to do this and call the Client Service Centre directly on  441-296-6969 to report the incident.

For additional online security measures, click here.