At Clarien, your client experience is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to providing innovative solutions, world-class financial
expertise and the superb customer service you have come to know. If we regrettably fall short of your expectations, we hope that you will bring this to our immediate attention by:

  • Completing the feedback form below, or
  • Calling us on 441.296.6969.

We want to assure you that your feedback will be heard, and that we are committed to:

Listening to You

Whether a complaint or compliment, your feedback is valued. Your important insight is a critical part of ensuring that clients have a positive experience using our banking solutions and interacting with our team.

Investigating Your Concerns

If you are submitting a complaint, our team is here to review your concern and identify areas of opportunity to improve our service to you. We will work across the Bank to understand what happened and how to make this right. 

Resolving Your Complaint

Following a thorough review, we will contact you regarding your complaint and share a resolution that we hope will reassure you of our commitment to provide excellent service.

If you have any additional concerns following complaint resolution, or feel that your complaint has not been fully addressed, you can contact us at

Thank you for entrusting Clarien with your banking needs.

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