Online Security

Customers are reminded to beware of fraudulent websites and/or emails that falsely appear to represent Clarien.

These sites or messages – known as “phishing” – are designed to steal your identity and fraudulently transfer money out of your online bank account(s).

Here are tips to help prevent becoming a victim of this fraudulent activity:

Know Your Bank

We will never ask for your account information online. If you receive an email requesting that you verify your Clarien account information, you are urged not to respond. This is a key sign that the message is fraudulent.

We will never ask you to follow links.

Messages that appear to be from Clarien that include links to other sites are likely fraudulent messages. Do not click on any links and close the message immediately.

Do not call suspicious numbers.

Emails that ask you to call a number that does not appear to be legitimate should be considered suspicious. Do not call the number – contact us directly instead.

Verify the Clarien Site.

Use the site identity button of your web browser to verify that you are on a legitimate website prior to entering your username and password or answering security questions.

Examples of the site identity button and location are shown below:

Identity Button Location v1

Identity Button Location v2

Identity Button Location v3

Customers are asked to immediately report suspicious activity by calling the Clarien Client Service Centre on 441 296 6969 or send suspicious emails to