My Rewards

Redeem in store or online, globally or in Bermuda. Anywhere, anytime.

Now with Miles, start redeeming online or in store, using Apple or Google Pay contactless, today!

Shop online or in store using your Miles Digital Card at your favorite e-commerce sites, plus 61 million locations around the world. Simply use the details from your Miles digital card to check-out at your favourite store.

By adding your miles card to your Apple or Google wallet – Use your miles—not your money—when shopping at your favorite stores. Try the simplicity of contactless when checking out. Watch this simple video to see how easy it is to use Apple Pay at stores in Bermuda or around the world.

Redeem your miles at Amazon, eBay, Netflix and 61 million merchants worldwide. It’s easy with My Rewards.

Details of how to register your my rewards app, and set up your Apple or Google Pay are below.

Register your My Rewards App

Not registered yet? 

Five easy steps for you to start using the power of My Rewards:

  • 1. Download the My Rewards by Visa Loyalty app
  • 2. Sign up with the email address you used to register with Clarien Bank
  • 3. Confirm your name
  • 4. Create and confirm your password
  • 5. Accept terms and conditions. You’re all set.

Add Miles Card to Your Apple Pay wallet

  • 2. Log in on your app, tap on My Wallet
  • 3. Tap on the menu next to the card displayed to add your card
  • 4. Tap on the + icon and enter your card information or scan it with your camera
  • 5. Return to Settings, General, Language & Region, then change Region back to Bermuda
  • 6. Your card is ready!

Add Miles Card to Your Google Pay wallet

  • 1. Log in on your app, tap My Wallet
  • 2. Select and copy your card number
  • 3. Open your Google Pay app
  • 4. Paste or manually enter your card number and details
  • 5. Select verification method
  • 6. Enter your verification code and submit
  • Your card is ready!

Make Contactless Payments

Apple Device Users . Android Device Users
Double click the “side button”  on the right hand side of your phone, complete Face ID (or enter your passcode if you are wearing a mask) and then hold your phone near the reader. . As long as NFC is on, contactless payments is on and Google Pay is the preferred payment wallet, just unlock your device, and then hold your phone near the reader.