Global Voyager Funds North American Founders Fund

Passionate. Focused. Innovative. Founders exemplify the qualities needed to achieve growth and success in business.

Clarien’s North American Founders Fund holds a concentrated portfolio of high-quality businesses that are leaders within strong, long-term industries. The Fund aims to protect your capital and deliver solid returns by:


Selecting companies that exhibit a founder’s mentality

These are owner-led companies in which the interests of the leadership and the investors are aligned. They are innovative, sustainable and diversified, with a clear vision and a commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices.


Investing in exceptional companies with proven longevity

We look for performers with strong track records and  identifiable and sustainable competitive advantages that sustain enduring returns on investment.


Building a profound understanding of each company

Our exhaustive reviews of each prospective business include thorough examinations of all aspects of their structure, strategy, and financials, from cash flow to assets and return on capital.


Leveraging institutional investment strength

With Clarien Investments, institutional and individual clients benefit from a uniform investment approach. Investors in the Fund are served by the same principles and discipline that support large institutions and family offices.


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We view the management teams of our portfolio companies as partners, sharing the same objectives for progress and long-term success. Through our partnership with the Portland Holdings group, we:

·       Leverage the value of the Group’s investment framework
·       Build on the investing expertise of our team
·       Enhance our ability to develop world-class equity solutions