A Total Financial Solution for Liquidators

Liquidators need a total financial solution—one that offers speed, flexibility and efficiency, and strength, reliability and security. Clarien Liquidators Solution delivers. It’s a specialised product that combines a suite of services from to meet the unique and sophisticated demands of liquidators.


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Anchored on a deep understanding of the entire liquidation or receivership process, Clarien Liquidators Solution actively coordinates and aligns the banking and investment activities that liquidators require. It does so by bringing together specialised expertise and services of Clarien Commercial Banking and Clarien Investments Limited.

You get speed, flexibility and efficiency

Clarien Commercial Banking supplies best-in-Bermuda commercial banking services. These services are enabled by processes designed for liquidators and powered by digital capabilities, financial expertise and efficient account onboarding. Clarien Liquidators Solution relies on the power and processes of Clarien Commercial Banking to get liquidators up and running fast. Your account is opened no later than five days from the date of your completed application submission.

You then benefit from a flexible and efficient concierge approach to setting up users and administrators. The approach involves:

  • registering and orienting new internet banking users;
  • establishing new profiles and user permissions;
  • developing multi-account profiles; and
  • assigning short names to accounts for easy reference.

Once up and running, you get services tailored to your specific needs. You receive customized support for either sole and co-appointment-taker arrangements, as well as forms and processes tailored to your unique structure. You also benefit from an intuitive online banking platform and a full suite of account, currency, product and transaction services.

You get strength, security and reliability

Clarien Investments Limited is the partner of choice for institutions seeking best-in-class investment management solutions. Clarien Liquidators Solution takes advantage of the range of services supplied by Clarien Investments Limited to deliver discretionary portfolio management services, money-market funds and short-duration high-liquidity bond instruments.

All your assets are custodied with the Bank of New York, America’s oldest and most trusted bank. Your accounts are secured with multi-factor authentication. And your investments are subject to Quarterly Stability Reports that enable counterparties to perform reviews and assessments.

You also receive the support of a Dedicated Relationship Manager, who makes sure you receive timely advice and service, as well as quick access to funds when required. Bolstering the services of your relationship manager is the corporate expertise of Clarien Investments Limited. Your investments are guided by clear and effective principles, and protected by proven strategies to mitigate systematic, structural and portfolio construction risks.

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