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USD Premium Demand Account

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Supercharge Your Business with a USD Premium Demand Account

For commercial banking clients seeking to optimise their cash flow and streamline inventory
planning, Clarien presents the USD Premium Demand Account. Our account enables you to build
funds specifically for inventory planning while earning a competitive interest rate. With this
account, you can unlock the tools needed to propel your business forward.

We understand that managing liquidity for effective business planning is a top priority. The USD
Premium Demand Account offers unrivaled product flexibility, allowing you to stay in full control
of your funds. Whether you need to seize an investment opportunity, finance crucial projects, or
cover unforeseen expenses, this account empowers you to manage your liquidity according to
your business needs.

Preserving and growing your capital is paramount for long-term success. With Clarien’s USD
Premium Demand Account, you not only build funds for inventory planning but also benefit from a
competitive interest rates. By simultaneously maximising cash flow efficiency and earning returns,
you ensure your business remains on a solid financial footing.

Contact our Commercial Banking team today to take the next step toward fueling your business for growth and success

Product Details
  • U.S. Dollar demand account
  • Minimum deposit: $100,000
  • Maximum amount: $5,000,000
  • Interest compounded daily and paid monthly
  • Interest rate fluctuates daily based on daily U.S. Dollar Federal Reserve market rates
  • No monthly interest will be paid if daily balances fall below $100,000 in any given day for the calendar month or for balances over $5,000,000
  • Statements generated quarterly
Product Benefits
  • Daily Liquidity with a competitive return
  • Deposits to the account can be made at any time
  • Interest rate fluctuates daily based on daily U.S. Dollar Federal Reserve market rates
  • Long or short-term flexibility
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