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Clarien Merchant Services has the expertise and technology to help ensure that your business is equipped to meet today’s transaction demands in Bermuda and around the world.

Whatever your business, whatever the size, our dedicated Merchant Services team will work with you to optimise performance with secure point-of-sale solutions and payment gateway services supported by feature-rich online reporting. You’ll process more sales and increase cash flow while protecting customer information and business data.

Propel your business to new levels

As consumers increasingly rely on the ease and simplicity of debit and credit card payments, it is important that your business has the comprehensive tools and resources available to successfully complete payment transactions. Whether you’re managing a small business or large company, Clarien Merchant Services makes it easy and affordable for you to offer your customers the option to make fast, secure credit card purchases.

The benefits to your business of accepting card payments include:

  • • Increased ability to process more sales
  • • Improved cash flow
  • • Ease of tracking transactions
  • • Reduce risk of fraud and loss .


Clarien Merchant Services offers secure and flexible payment gateway services for customer transactions in Bermuda or around the world.

Hosted Payment Page: Integrate a secure, PCI compliant internet payment page into your website. Your sensitive customer payment information is securely handled by First Data, the world’s leading provider of electronic commerce and payment processing services.

API (Application Programming Interface): Allows you to build more sophisticated transaction processing applications that can process payments from a website or from multiple Point of Sale terminals.

Real Time Payment Manager (Virtual Terminal): The combination of your personal computer, inventory management software and payment processing system turns your Internet-connected PC into a POS device without installing software. Virtual Terminals help you manage inventory, track sales, control costs, improve customer service and help you make better business decisions.

Our eCommerce solutions provide you with the tools to:

  • • View transaction summaries, sale and refund activity
  • • Conduct cardholder inquires
  • • Manage administration functionalities
  • • Access fraud management tools
  • • Change passwords
  • • Manage user access and permissions .

Point of Sale solutions

Whether you manage a restaurant, an insurance company or sell your products at Harbour Nights or Cup Match, our Android technology payments enable you to accept credit card payments on land or at sea. Talk to our experienced team of professionals to determine the best POS solution to complement your business.

Online reporting

While you focus on managing your business, let our robust online reporting solution reconcile your merchant statements and deposits. Get direct 24-7 access to your credit card transaction processing information. Access your reports, modules and analysis to understand current trends and maintain your competitive edge.

Additional options include:

  • • Batch deposit-information and transaction details
  • • Retrieval information
  • • Invoice/statement details
  • • Cardholder inquiries
  • • Capability to export details to Excel format

  • PCI Rapid Comply

    The PCI Rapid Comply Solution is a complimentary, online Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and integrated scanning tool that helps merchants achieve and maintain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance.
    • The Rapid Comply solution is a full service risk assessment tool provided by our Processor First Data used by merchants to achieve data security compliance.
    • PCI DSS is a technical and broad-ranging set of security requirements created by the Payment Card Industry, outlining what business entities need to do to protect customer information.
    • The Rapid Comply solution includes a guided, step-by-step SAQ tool to answer the annual questionnaire as well as an integrated scanning tool for merchants to perform monthly vulnerability scans.

    For help with SAQ or PCI related questions, please call the Clarien Merchant Services support line at 294-4970.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCI DSS?

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This is a technical and broad-ranging set of security requirements created by the Payment Card Industry, outlining what business entities need to do to protect customer information. The PCI Council requires that business entities meet this set of security requirements if their business accepts, transmits or processes customer payment cards, such as credit cards or debit cards. Merchants that do not comply with these requirements can be penalized in a number of ways, up to and including having their card-processing privileges revoked, leaving them unable to accept customer payment cards.

Does PCI DSS apply to all businesses and service providers?

PCI DSS applies to ALL organizations or Merchants, regardless of size, that accept, transmit, or store any payment card information. In other words, if any customer of that organization ever pays using a credit card or debit card, then the PCI DSS requirements apply.

What does a merchant have to do in order to satisfy the PCI requirements?

To satisfy the requirements of PCI, a Merchant must do two things:

Comply with the Data Security Standard by meeting all of the requirements laid out in the Data Security Standard.

  • Validate compliance. This means the Merchant must prove that they are complying with the Data Security Standard. Merchants must complete the following within the Rapid Comply portal.
  • Annual completion and submission by the merchant of a PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (the SAQ); and Monthly network vulnerability scan.

Is there a fee for this service?

No. The risk assessment tool is complimentary.

What is the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire or SAQ?

The Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is a form that merchants are required to complete every year via Rapid Comply which is relayed to Clarien Merchant Services. It was created by the PCI Council. Completing a Self-Assessment Questionnaire helps merchants validate Compliance, by confirming compliance with the Data Security Standard and acknowledge to their Acquirer (Clarien) that they are in compliance with PCI DSS. Those merchants who are deemed medium to high risk ratings will be contacted by Clarien Merchant Services to review the SAQ and provide assistance with attaining compliance.

What happens if I don’t become PCI compliant?

If your business fails to become PCI compliant, you could be putting your business at greater risk from the growing threat of payment card data breaches and theft, which may result in substantial penalties (such as fines from banks, regulatory agencies, and card associations), fraud and charge backs, as well as legal costs and lost customers. If your business experiences a data security breach, you could even lose your ability to process credit card payments. Perhaps more importantly, you risk the loss of customers.  We will monitor the completion of the SAQ document and revert back if your questionnaire is deemed medium to high risk.