The Clarien Foundation is committed to supporting initiatives and organisations that help improve the lives of Bermudians and its residents and make positive contributions to the island we call home. For the last 10 years, the Foundation’s giving strategy has been to focus on youth development, education, the prevention of systemic familial community issues, supporting Bermuda’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and aligning our giving to Clarien’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Programme.

At a time when a global pandemic has caused critical disruption and the demand for social justice is heard around the world, the Foundation has reaffirmed its commitment by donating a total of $150,000 to help 10 worthy causes. Providing support when our community is most in need and supporting equality initiatives are important to us, and have helped define who we are and how we have chosen to give.

Donation Recipients
Today, the Clarien Foundation is pleased to announce the following donations:

•  Family Centre $25,000.00
•  The Reading Clinic $25,000.00
•  Ignite Bermuda $25,000.00
•  PALS $15,000.00
•  Meals on Wheels $10,000.00
•  Tomorrow’s Voices $10,000.00
•  WindReach $7,500.00
•  Young Men’s Social Club $5,000.00
•  Action on Alzheimer’s & Dementia $2,500.00


The Clarien Education Fund
Clarien Bank has also announced the launch of the Clarien Education Fund, which is committed to the investment in educational endeavors for Black Bermudians. Beginning this month, Clarien has pledged an annual investment of $25,000 in local private schools for allocation to Black Bermudian students or students of underrepresented communities. Disbursements of $5,000 will be made to the following schools in May of each year for the next four years; each school will determine the recipient:
Warwick Academy
Bermuda High School for Girls
Mount Saint Agnes Academy
Saltus Grammar School
Somersfield Academy

Clarien’s Education Fund was formed to align with the Bank’s core purpose, values and DEI programme. The Fund will continue to consider initiatives that directly impact our community by focusing on diversity, improving representation and bridging access to opportunities.

Stacey-Lee Williams, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Somersfield Academy, said: “We at Somersfield are extremely grateful for the opportunity to support Clarien Bank’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiative. Somersfield holds DEI at the forefront of how we interact with our students and faculty, and we commend Clarien Bank for providing the opportunity for a Bermudian student at Somersfield to benefit both academically and financially as a result of their outreach and commitment to equity.”

Jane Vickers, Director of Development at Warwick Academy, said the school was “extremely grateful” for the donation to the school’s Bursary Fund. “One of the many strengths of Warwick Academy is the diversity of our student body,” Ms. Vickers said. “The Bursary Fund is the best way to make sure our school family stays together and affords students the opportunity to receive a world class education that prepares them for their next step; whether it is entering the work force or moving on to the best university or college that they are accepted at. Thank you, Clarien Bank, for keeping our family together.”

Linda Parker, Head of School for Bermuda High School for Girls, said the school was pleased to be a recipient of this donation from the Clarien Education Fund, describing it as “a meaningful programme that so closely aligns with our mission and vision of inspiring future leaders of Bermuda”. “We are grateful that Clarien has prioritised support of diversity in education, and look forward to continuing our own Diversity, Inclusion and Equity initiatives with them,” Ms. Parker added.

Denise McAdoo, Director of Advancement at Saltus Grammar School, stated: We were thrilled to learn of the newly formed Clarien Education Fund and the Bank’s desire to provide financial assistance to students at Saltus. All of us at Saltus are incredibly grateful to Clarien for opening doors to Bermuda’s youth through education and opportunity.”

Susan Moench, the Mount Saint Agnes Academy Principal, said: “MSA is appreciative of this opportunity created by Clarien which will provide Bermudian students with a chance to experience the world class curriculum offered at our school. The opportunity to receive an Alberta High School Diploma through their studies at MSA will offer individuals extensive post-secondary and career opportunities. This diversity initiative will benefit our whole school community, by providing a potentially life altering opportunity for a student who may not otherwise have the opportunity. We commend Clarien for taking the lead on this, at a time when it is vital to address the needs of our community.

The Power of Community Clarien believes in the power of partnering with local organisations to better our community through bi-annual corporate donations to local registered charities, as well as quarterly outreach activities for employees.

Michael DeCouto, Clarien’s EVP, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, concluded: “We have supported many worthy local organisations and causes for over a decade, and we are excited about the launch of the Clarien Education Fund. We believe strongly in the development of Bermuda’s youth through education and mentorship. It is our hope that through this Fund we are able to inspire the future leaders of Bermuda.”