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Clarien Bank has announced it will be transitioning to a digital, self-service based model for Personal Banking.

From end of business day on April 29, all Clarien’s Personal Banking clients will conduct transactions – including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, payments and account administration – at their convenience, using Clarien’s digital, automated and self-service solutions outside of a traditional branch.  The Bank is committed to providing support through this transition period to help clients who may need extra assistance with converting from in-person at-teller services to digital banking.

 “Clarien is making this change in order to specialise in helping Personal Banking clients achieve financial goals and facilitate clients conducting their banking transactions in the most convenient and effective ways possible.” Clarien’s EVP, Chief Banking Officer, Simon Van de Weg explained. “This change enables us to reallocate staff to positions dedicated to face-to- face client interactions oriented around personal relationships and achievement of financial objectives using modern banking tools.  We have invested in our people, technology and processes to deliver more financial solutions and digital capabilities for our clients. With these advancements, Clarien’s clients are able to conduct all their transactional banking without travelling to a branch.”

Mr. Van de Weg further commented that a significant majority of Clarien clients have been banking completely digitally for years.  We have also seen a significant shift away from cash and in-person transaction banking as a result of the pandemic.

Clarien is proud to be leading its clients and the Bermuda banking sector through this digital banking transformation. The increase in adoption in digital and self-service banking by

Clarien clients and the corresponding decrease in volumes of in-person at-teller transactions has enabled us to accelerate this change.  Personal and personalised banking experiences will continue to be the central pillar of Clarien’s service model combined with best in market digital services and solutions that empower clients with information to manage their finances and track achievement towards financial goals.

Consequently, Clarien will discontinue teller services at its 19 Reid Street branch on April 29, 2022.  Point House on Front Street will become the main client centre thereafter.  Alternative positions have been offered to all of Clarien’s teller and branch service employees.  Moreover, Clarien’s Personal Banking team has hired additional staff in new roles to help guide and assist clients in using new technologies, including iATMs and mobile banking.

“We have been and continue to stand ready to support clients, particularly the Island’s seniors who are traditionally more teller service oriented, as well as those without access to electronic devices or are not confident with online banking or ATM use.  Our new Point House location has devices available for use by clients and Digital Concierge staff trained to provide guidance and support.” Mr. Van de Weg said. “Additionally Clarien has proudly partnered with Age Concern, a local charity offering support to those in the community over 50 years of age.  Age Concern’s trained volunteers are on site at Clarien along with our Digital Concierge team to aid in the digital adoption process by clients.  This programme started in early January and will continue until we are confident that our senior community clients are comfortable.”

Clarien encourages clients with questions to email or contact the Client Service Centre on 296-6969.  Personal appointments can be booked to receive support.

Clarien will also be supporting clients in the following ways:

  • Digital Concierge Team: A team of Clarien employees will be deployed during the transition in both the Reid Street, Hamilton branch and at Point House to show clients how to use digital, automated and self-service solutions to complete all their banking transactions. Devices and Wi-Fi access is available for those who need it.
  • Client Service (Call) Centre: Customer service representatives will be available by phone on weekdays to answer questions about Clarien’s iATMs, self-service solutions and digital tools including guiding clients through internet banking transactions.
  • Age Concern Partnership: As an official Age Concern partner, we will have extended support from Age Concern volunteers to help with client education.
  • Communications: Clients will see in-branch signage as well as online, social and traditional media communication regarding the Bank’s digital transformation and as new services and solutions are launched.

Clarien has made sure that all personal transactions and administration traditionally available in-person will be available at a client’s convenience online or at one if its 9 iATM locations or 2 No Wait deposit locations.

“Although tellers will no longer be available for personal banking clients, Clarien’s frontline team will continue to be available in person to answer any questions and provide the same quality support and customer service our clients have come to know and appreciate,” added Mr. Van de Weg.