Your Belco Proceeds

Your Belco Proceeds

Are you considering re-investment options for your Ascendant payout?

Put our tradition of trust and performance to work for you.

As a shareholder, the Ascendant Group (BELCO) acquisition represents an opportunity to optimise and grow – a chance to consider alternate investment options and increase the income stream previously provided by your annual dividend.

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Exclusive Ascendant Shareholder Rates
Determine your term, lock in a fixed rate and earn without market fluctuations. We are pleased to offer the following deposit rates – the most competitive in the market – exclusively to Ascendant Group shareholders:

3 Month 0.15%
6 Months 0.25%
1 Year 0.75%
3 Years




Optimise. Invest. Grow.
Bermuda’s first and only robo-advisor
As an integrated solution of the best investment platform in the market, Clarien iInvest provides the most cost effective and time efficient way to make investments in the stock market while accessing world-class financial expertise to help guide and manage your investment.

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Global Opportunities. Expert Management.
The first Bermuda-based founders fund.
The North American Founders Fund – a specialized sleeve of Clarien’s Global Voyager Fund (GVF) – is a concentrated portfolio built according to proven criteria with a robust investment framework, a competitive and compelling 1.0% management fee and a skilled and experienced management team. The Fund invests systematically in companies where stakeholder and shareholder interests are aligned, including Alphabet, Microsoft and Visa. Join the Founders.

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