Re-Invest and Grow

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Re-invest your savings with one of our limited time offer promotional CDs

If you are considering options for your maturing CD, Clarien’s 3-Year CD is a secure, low-risk savings plan built to help you reach your financial goals, including retirement, home ownership and higher education. Available in BMD and USD, this fixed rate deposit is available for a limited time, offering the most competitive rate in Bermuda.

A minimum opening deposit of $1,000 is required if opened via Clarien iBank. In branch or assisted account opening requires a minimum deposit of $25,000.

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Product Details
Currency USD and BMD
Term 3 Years
1%, paid monthly, quarterly, annually or at maturity
Minimum Deposit
• $1,000: Clarien iBank account opening
• $25,000: In branch or assisted account opening


Ready to Re-Invest and Grow?

Please complete and submit the following form:

All information collected will be held in confidence by Clarien Bank Limited.

This “3-Year” Certificate of Deposit (CD) offer is applicable only to BMD and USD deposits. Clarien reserves the right to end the offer availability at the Bank’s sole discretion. A minimum deposit of either BMD or USD $1,000 for account opening via Clarien iBank (single signatory only) or $25,000 for in branch or assisted account opening is required to be eligible for this offer. iBank accounts can only be opened for single account holders. Accounts must be closed if balances fall below $1,000. Interest is paid monthly, quarterly, annually or at maturity. This is a limited time offer. Eligible for new deposits only or matching existing funds already with Clarien Bank. The CD offer will auto-renew into the standard 3-Year CD at prevailing rates. Early termination penalties apply, which include loss of interest. This offer is subject to the Clarien Bank Limited General Terms and Conditions which may be found at


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