Trust and Estate Planning

Estate planning for your family is one of life’s most
important responsibilities.

You might not feel you need an estate plan, but you may be surprised to learn the full value of your accumulated savings, investments and property. Think about your family’s future wellbeing and start your estate planning today. We can help you develop a blueprint for your financial legacy.

A complicated matter—simplified.

If you have large assets, a complex financial profile, or property in a number of regions, your estate planning will require specialised knowledge and personalised services, particularly with respect to managing offshore assets. You may wish to establish a trust as part of your estate planning solution.

Advantages of trusts.

Bermuda-based trusts enable residents and offshore clients to implement personal financial strategies that may help protect and grow their wealth for future generations. Bermuda is the ideal jurisdiction for establishing a trust. This country features a supportive regulatory environment and a sophisticated financial infrastructure. We are a pioneer in trust innovation and one of the world’s premier offshore trust jurisdictions.

Which type of trust suits you best?

Some typical trust profiles:

Bermuda residents and homeowners

Many Bermudians create personal trusts and transfer ownership of their homes to the entity. This structure reduces probate fees and stamp duty in the event of death. Blend your trust fees with your regular mortgage payments for added convenience.

Retirees and individuals approaching retirement

People in these positions may want to consider a trust as a way to distribute property to heirs in a tax-efficient manner.

Offshore clients

Bermuda-based trusts are ideal for:

  • Protecting assets
  • Holding investment portfolios and shares
  • Passing wealth on to future generations