Portfolio Construction Services

At Clarien, we are risk averse investment advisors.

We take risks only when we have thoroughly performed the due diligence to conclude they are warranted. We adamantly believe that asset allocation and security selection are the most important factors of risk avoidance and positive portfolio performance.

We hate surprises.

And that’s why we’re big on research. Before we recommend any investments for you, our portfolio construction team carefully analyses and monitors a range of asset classes. We identify investments that have the potential for positive returns and low risk of loss. We direct clients only to investments that meet our standards.

We evaluate key markers such as:

  • Manager incentives — How the fund’s administrators are compensated.
  • Historical performance — How well the investment has performed over time.
  • Historical taxability — The effect the investment has had on investors’ tax exposure.
  • Fixed-income creditworthiness — The likelihood that an issuer may default on debt.
  • Investment style — How the fund’s administrators choose and manage investments.
  • Company information — Details about the company’s products, industry and managers.


We crunch the numbers and scrutinise the details, so we may decide if an investment is worthwhile for our discriminating clients.

Experience the Clarien advantage.

We personalise all our services. With respect to portfolio construction, we consider a number of factors to determine the most appropriate asset allocation for you. For instance, we talk to you about:

  • Risk tolerance — The degree to which you tolerate investment risk.
  • Investment time horizon — The time you may expect to hold investments.
  • Tax considerations — The impact an investment may have on your tax exposure.
  • Performance objectives — The rate of return you may want from your investments.
  • Income needs — Do you require investments to supplement your income?
  • Liquidity requirements — Do you need investments that are easily converted to cash?


Every investor is different. We learn what you want and we work tirelessly to meet your individual goals.

We diversify to improve your potential.

To build your ideal investment portfolio, we may use an array of investment vehicles, including:

  • Individual Stocks — Shares of a corporation often traded on stock exchanges.
  • Mutual Funds — Collective investments that pool money from many investors.
  • Fixed Income Securities — Investments that provide regular returns at regular intervals.
  • Separately Managed Accounts — Individual accounts managed according to an investor’s specific financial objectives.