Cash Management

Some say cash is king. In today’s economic environment, cash certainly plays an important role for many customers’ finances. Control your cash with Clarien’s complete range of management services:

Call and term deposits

Take advantage of fluctuating daily interest rates for short-term call deposits, or use our set interest rates for term deposits up to 60 months.

Interest-bearing checking accounts

Earn interest each month and use checkbooks that denote U.S. or Bermudian currency.

Drafts and money transfers

Send funds to individuals and organisations securely.

Foreign exchange

Convert country currencies to simplify business and travel abroad.

Multi-currency savings accounts and term deposits

Transact in multiple currencies from a single account.

Multi-currency cheque clearing

Settle cheques denominated in U.S., U.K. and E.U. currencies.

We are pleased to offer these services at competitive rates for all clients and preferential rates for Private Banking and Wealth Management clients.