An Introduction to Private Banking

Clarien Private Banking’s objective is to be the premier wealth manager for affluent and HNW Bermuda families and recognised as a leading provider of comprehensive global private banking services for select HNW/UHNW global clients.

Clarien seeks to establish relationships with HNW/UHNW Bermudian individuals/families (nationality or resident) and global ‘transnational’ HNW/UHNW individuals/families (families that are multi-generational and, in addition to their home country, have well-established geographic footprints that include the US, Canada and the UK.

In order to differentiate ourselves with both segments, Clarien will emphasise leading banking capabilities (particularly for Bermudians), solution driven investment management services, comprehensive fiduciary services, and superior client service, while leveraging Bermuda’s position as the premier center for offshore wealth management and banking services.

Our objective is to serve and empower these families and deliver outstanding and high quality client experiences. Our ethos is that of a ’personne de confiance’ with a long term, multi-generational relationship focus. Our intent is to construct and deliver solutions that reflect the client’s persona, circumstances and long-term objectives. These solutions will be developed in conjunction with a client’s other trusted legal, tax, accounting and other professional advisors. This approach is applicable to both the Bermuda and global strategy.

Each Client (Family) Relationship Team will be led by a Senior Relationship Manager who is conversant in all matters pertaining to investment management, fiduciary services, corporate finance and credit. The team will also include an associate Relationship Manager and dedicated investment, fiduciary and credit specialists. The Relationship Team will have an orientation to the complete family, and be conversant in all matters of import to the families’ longer term planning. Their responsibility will be to articulate and guide the implementation of strategies that meet the clients’ specific needs and circumstances.

Clarien intends to establish strategic partnerships with select organisations whose expertise is best suited to assisting with the construction of client specific solutions. This approach allows Clarien to complement its core competencies with world class, third party capabilities to deliver tailored, client-specific solutions. These strategic partnerships will encompass, but not be limited to, investment management (traditional and alternatives), fiduciary services, corporate finance, technology and philanthropy.