Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed Rate Mortgages

The fixed-rate mortgage is used to finance real estate at an agreed fixed interest rate and term. With a fixed-rate mortgage, clients can protect themselves from interest rate fluctuations during the term.

  • The rate will not be fixed for the life of the loan but only for a specific period (i.e. 3 or 5 years).
  • Upon expiry of the fixed interest period, the client will have the option to either continue with a fixed rate (offered at the time) or change to variable rate.

A fixed-rate mortgage is suitable for individuals who want security and predictable mortgage interest costs over a set period during the term of the mortgage. A fixed-rate mortgage can be particularly recommended when mortgage interest rates are expected to rise.

Product Details

The Fixed Rate Mortgages are available for:

  • BMD & USD
  • Retail and Private Banking Customers

3 Fixed Rate Mortgage products:

  • 5 year fixed rate at 6%
  • 3 year fixed rate at 5.75%
  • 3 year fixed rate at 5.25% (Private Banking Clients)