VISA® Consumer Authentication Services

To further increase fraud protection of Clarien VISA® and MasterCard® transactions, Clarien has partnered with Cardinal Commerce to implement VISA® Consumer Authentication Services, or VCAS. Clarien is the first issuer in Bermuda to implement VCAS for VISA® customers.

VCAS authenticates the consumer prior to the authorization process, adding a powerful layer of protection against fraud. As the consumer begins the checkout process, the solution performs a real-time risk assessment of the transaction based on numerous inputs including device and transaction information and historical spending patterns. The result is that lower-risk transactions can be completed without requiring consumers to go through the extra step of entering their passwords or other verification. The solution minimizes disruption and abandonment at the point of purchase, while also helping issuers and merchants reduce fraud losses.

VCAS incorporates enhanced fraud use protection through risk-based authentication, allowing clients to shop confidently online using Clarien VISA® and MasterCard®.

Product Benefits:

  • Sophisticated risk-based authentication. Visa Consumer Authentication Service’s risk-scoring model takes into account enhanced inputs, including critical information about the device, transaction information and spending profiles. This data will enhance card issuers’ decision-making ability to identify potential fraud and prompt for verification only when necessary.
  • Dynamic methods of authentication. Visa Consumer Authentication Service supports a wide range of account holder authentication methods. This means higher-risk transactions may be verified by the card issuer in a variety of ways including more secure, dynamic methods such as one-time passwords or hardware tokens.
  • Support for mobile. Visa Consumer Authentication Service can be integrated to function through a range of devices including mobile phones and tablets, to ensure consumers have a secure, efficient and reliable payment experience when shopping through another channel beyond the PC.
  • Rules for strategy refinement. Visa Consumer Authentication Service provides card issuers with the tools to write additional rules to further refine risk decision capabilities.


What is risk-based authentication?
Risk-based authentication uses specific risk scoring thresholds set by the card issuer to rank an individual transaction for its fraud potential.

VCAS incorporates enhanced fraud risk detection utilizing transaction information (including but not limited to transaction profiles, geo-location and session information) to risk rank and score each transaction.

Will I still require my MSC or VBV code?

No. Your VBV or MSC code is no longer required. The VCAS environment uses real-time fraud monitoring assessments. VCAS is brand agnostic so all Mastercard and Visa credit and debit card product lines are included within the program.

Is the VCAS Risk Score sent in real-time?

Yes, transactions processed by VCAS are scored in real-time using  state-of-the-art fraud
detection capabilities.

Where is VCAS available?

VCAS is available globally. 

Does VCAS meet PCI requirements?

Yes, VCAS meets PCI DSS requirements.

Is VCAS authentication specifically for eCommerce  environments?

Yes. eCommerce transaction volumes are growing faster than ever with millions of consumers worldwide making purchases online every day.  As the number of eCommerce transactions grows, so does the potential for increased fraud. As more card-present environments migrate to EMV acceptance and enhanced fraud monitoring strategies the Internet is becoming an increasingly attractive target for criminals.

What happens if further customer authentication is required?

Please contact our Primax Helpdesk at 296.6969 by selecting options 1 and 3 . A review of your card profile will be conducted to identify why you are unable to complete the authentication process using your Clarien debit or credit card online.

Cardinal Commerce is a wholly –owned subsidiary of Visa, and a global leader in enabling authenticated payments and secure transactions.