Clarien Debit Card

Enhanced MasterCard® technology, security and convenience to protect your purchases online and worldwide.

Experience a higher level of convenience and control with a suite of premier benefits and access to exceptional MasterCard® services. Your Clarien debit card provides sophisticated tools that monitor, detect and fight fraud at every step of the purchasing process.

Clarien Debit Card Features and Benefits

Advanced EMV/Chip Technology

    • You will be able to enjoy improved security with an EMV-compliant chip Card
    • Your Card information is stored in the EMV-compliant chip, making extraction of Card information by fraud syndicates more difficult compared to the existing cards
    • This new technology can reduce the chances of your Card information being cloned and used by fraud syndicates for fraudulent transactions
    • See more details on usage under FAQ

Tap & Pay

    • Tap & Pay enhances the purchase experience by providing speed and convenience for cardholders with signature not required in most cases
    • Ease of use as the card never leaves your hand at the checkout register
    • No need to carry idle cash for small volume purchases
    • Added functionality with no additional cost

Greater Security

    • The additional protection of MasterCard SecureCode provides peace of mind when shopping online
    • Added functionality with no additional cost
    • Registration will be available upon card receipt

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. It is the global standard for chip-based transactions. It is a joint effort between Europay, MasterCard and Visa to ensure security and global acceptance so that MasterCard and Visa Cards can continue to be used everywhere.

What is a Chip Card?

A chip card is a standard-size plastic card that contains an embedded microchip as well as the traditional magnetic stripe. The chip encrypts information to increase data security when making transactions at a chip-enabled terminal.

Can I use the EMV-compliant chip Card overseas?

Yes, you can use this Card for overseas transactions.  In Europe and Canada is where you will especially see merchant acceptance using a small device with a keypad, a screen and a slot to insert your card. Upon successful completion of your transaction, you will be prompted to remove your Card from the terminal and you will receive a confirmation receipt. Keep your receipt and check it against your statement later.

Can I use my card at kiosk/train stations?

Transactions at kiosk or train stations require real-time authentication.  If terminals are not equipped to do so  you will need to see an attendant to have your card swiped by their online terminal.

How do I obtain a PIN to use with my new card?

Your new PIN card be obtained by following the instructions of the label affixed to the card when received.  Please follow the prompts and remove label when completed.

When can I start using my replacement card?

For added security, we recommend that you start using your replacement Card immediately upon receipt of it.

What should I do with my current card?

Upon receipt of your replacement card, please cut and dispose your current card.

MasterCard Tap & Pay

MasterCard Tap & Pay is a “contactless” feature included on all Clarien Bank MasterCard cards for no added fee. It lets you pay for purchases at MasterCard Tap & Pay — accepting locations without having to swipe your card and in most instances a signature is not required.  It allows cardholders to make payments without having to hand over, dip or swipe a payment card. To make a payment, the cardholder simply taps their Tap & Pay card onto a Tap & Pay terminal. The details are read from the card over a contactless interface using radio frequency communications and a transactionis performed over the existing MasterCard payment networks and infrastructure.

How does MasterCard Tap & Pay work?

In addition to a magnetic stripe for traditional transaction processing, your new Clarien Bank MasterCard card with Tap & Pay includes a small radio antenna. This antenna allows you to tap your card at MasterCard Tap & Pay readers to pay for small purchases – typically under $25. Each merchant has its own maximum limits for Tap & Pay transactions and a signature may still be required in some instances. In the event that your Tap & Pay transaction cannot be completed, swipe your card to complete the transaction with a signature.

 Is MasterCard Tap & Pay secure?

Your Clarien Bank MasterCard with Tap & Pay features multiple layers of protection. Transactions continue to be safe and secure and because the card does not leave your hand, you’re in control.

Are there transaction limits for using MasterCard Tap & Pay?

MasterCard Tap & Pay is designed for small purchases under $25. It´s fast, convenient and secure, and perfect for use at grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops and vending machines. In the event that your Clarien Bank MasterCard Tap & Pay transaction cannot be completed, swipe your card to complete the transaction, as you do today, with a signature.

How do I know if my card has the MasterCard Tap & Pay feature?

All Clarien Bank MasterCard cards contain the Tap & Pay feature. To be certain that your card does in fact contain the feature, look for one or both of these symbols on either the front of back of your card.

How will transactions appear on my statements?

Transactions are authorized, processed and billed in the same secure way as all debit transactions. Transactions will appear as a regular line item on your statement.

Can my card be charged by accident or multiple times?

Your Clarien MasterCard card must be placed very close to a MasterCard Tap & Pay reader to complete the transaction. Simply walking by a checkout that has a Tap & Pay reader will not cause your card to be charged. In addition, if your card is waved in front of a reader more than once, you will only be billed once.

Where can I “tap” my Clarien MasterCard card with Tap & Pay?

Your Clarien MasterCard can be used both on island and off island.  There are over 50 locations locally and 32 million outlets worldwide.

MasterCard SecureCode

MasterCard SecureCode is added protection that keeps your transactions private. It utilizes a private code for your MasterCard account that gives you an additional layer of online shopping security.

How many online retailers Support SecureCode?

More than 350,000 online retailers support transactions made with SecureCode. Look for the logo when you’re providing your payment information. THE BEST WAY TO PAY ONLINE®.

How do I begin using MasterCard SecureCode?:

To register for MasterCard SecureCode  click here

Where can I use my card?

Anywhere an online merchant accepts MasterCard SecureCode.  These websites will accept all MasterCards but if your card is registered for SecureCode, you will be asked for your MasterCard SecureCode Password before you can complete your purchase.

To review MasterCard SecureCode terms and conditions click here


Better fraud protection with VCAS

Clarien Bank now provides enhanced protection from fraud when you make online purchases with your Clarien MasterCard debit card.  VISA Consumer Authentication Service (VCAS) uses real-time risk assessment to provide a seamless extra layer of cardholder authentication. No login or password required – VCAS works automatically in the background for you to keep your transactions secure.