IBM Security Trusteer Rapport



    Your Clarien account is nobody else’s business.
    IBM Security Trusteer Rapport makes sure it stays that way.


    What is IBM Security Trusteer Rapport?

    Clarien Bank has partnered with IBM to offer Security Trusteer Rapport – industry-leading online fraud protection for Clarien iBank customers.

    When you’re signed into Clarien iBank, Trusteer Rapport provides an additional layer of security that helps prevent malware and phishing attacks that are the root cause of most online financial fraud.

    • Trusteer Rapport is free and requires no registration
    • It takes just a few minutes to download and you’re protected immediately after installation
    • It’s effective, easy to use and won’t slow down your computer
    • No maintenance required – future updates are sent automatically to your computer

    Extra security plus protection against malware

    Downloading Trusteer Rapport is optional but strongly recommended. While your iBank session and account information is always secure, Trusteer Rapport adds an extra, constantly updated layer of protection. It’s like adding more security cameras or locks to your home or office.

    • Trusteer Rapport works with your existing anti-virus software so your system is able to stop a greater number of threats
    • Blocks and removes malicious malware that your anti-virus software may not detect, remove or defend against
    • Defends against identity fraud to safeguard your personal information
    • Protects against phishing of login credentials and payment card data to preserve private information
    • Stops financial malware from tampering with your online transactions
    • Warns you if you accidentally visit a fake website that looks like Clarien

    How to get Trusteer Rapport

    1. Log into your Clarien iBank account
    2.  In the pop-up window, follow the prompts to download and install Trusteer Rapport
    iBankTrusteer1 trusteer

    Once installed, a green Trusteer Rapport icon and check mark will be displayed in or near your browser’s address bar when you are viewing a website that is protected by Trusteer Rapport. If the site is unprotected, a grey icon will be displayed.







    For more detailed information about IBM Security Trusteer Rapport, see the FAQ on our iBank page