Personal Banking

4-Year CD Promotion

Start a Clarien savings CD with just $2,500
What’s on your savings horizon? Post-secondary education? Home ownership? Retirement? Clarien’s four-year savings CD
can help you get closer to your goals. At a steady 2.6% for four years, it’s the steady, secure, low-risk and high-reward way
to save.
•    Start with as little as $2,500
•    Interest accrues and compounds daily
•    Your choice for interest to be paid quarterly, annually or at maturity at account opening

Visit your Clarien Bank branch today and find out how you can get started with as little as $2,500!

Terms and conditions
This “4 Year Promotional” Certificate of Deposit (CD) offer is applicable only to BMD and USD deposits. A minimum deposit of either BMD or USD $2,500 is required to be eligible for this offer. CD Accounts will be closed if balances fall below $2,500. Rates quoted are nominal interest paid on the principal amount for the term of the CD. The effective rate for BMD and USD deposits are 2.634%. Interest accrues and compounds daily. Interest is paid quarterly, annually or at maturity as specified by the client at account opening. No additional deposits are allowed during the term of the CD. This is a limited time offer. Clarien Bank Limited retains the right to terminate the offer once the specified target has been achieved. The CD offer will automatically be reinvested into a standard savings account at prevailing rates at the time of the final maturity date unless otherwise instructed by the client. Early termination penalties apply, which include loss of interest. Where Clarien Bank’s General Terms and Conditions conflict with the content of these terms and conditions, these terms and conditions prevail. This offer is subject to the Clarien Bank Limited General Terms and Conditions which may be found at

Savings Account

Saving money: it’s a common goal, but not always an easy one. At Clarien Bank we offer a wide selection of products and services to help you on your way.

  • Easy online banking with Clarien iBank
  • Flexibility to make deposits and withdrawals any time
  • Quarterly statements

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

A CD is an excellent way to save for a specific business or personal goal. You choose your investment amount of $1,000 or more, and your preferred term: from one month up to five years. We lock that money away at a fixed interest rate, compounded daily. CDs are available in Bermuda or U.S. Dollars  (GBP, Euro and CAD CD rates are available upon request).

Chequing Account

A Clarien Bank Chequing Account offers features and solutions to simplify your banking needs, allowing you to:

  • Order chequebooks quickly and conveniently
  • Access your account online 24/7 with Clarien iBank
  • Make deposits and withdrawals any time with ease and flexibility

5-Year Saver

Flexibility meets high-interest in Clarien Bank’s 5-Year Saver programme. This customised plan lets you save more when your income is higher and less when things get tighter—always at a great rate. There are no fixed deposit schedules and you can save up to $100,000.