Customer Protection

Customers are asked to immediately report suspicious activity by calling the Clarien Client Service Centre on +1 441 296 6969 or send suspicious emails to

Customers are reminded to beware of fraudulent websites and/or emails that falsely appear to represent Clarien. These sites or messages – known as “phishing” – are designed to steal your identity and fraudulently transfer money out of your online bank account(s).

Here are some tips to help prevent becoming a victim of this fraudulent activity:

Know Your Bank
We will never ask for your account information online. If you receive an email requesting that you verify your Clarien account information, you are urged not to respond. This is a key sign that the message is fraudulent.

We will never ask you to follow links
Messages that appear to be from Clarien that include links to other sites are likely fraudulent messages. Do not click on any links and close the message immediately.

Do not call suspicious numbers
Emails that ask you to call a number that does not appear to be legitimate should be considered suspicious. Do not call the number – contact us directly instead.

Verify the Clarien website
Use the site identity button of your web browser to verify that you are on a legitimate website prior to entering your username and password or answering security questions.

Protecting you is our priority. As a Bermuda Regulated Financial Institution, we are required by law to ensure that customer information is complete, accurate and up to date. This is also a client service priority—part of our commitment to keep your money safe and protect us both against fraud and financial crime.

From time to time we must ask you for proof of identity and residence—even if you have previously provided that information and the details have not changed. You will receive these requests only by mail or by secure message through Clarien iBank. Your prompt response helps ensure your information is secure, compliance is maintained, and we are able to serve and communicate with you efficiently.

We understand that this aspect of legal compliance can be burdensome, and we apologise for any inconvenience you may experience. Call us at 296-6969 or email if you have any difficulty. We will be very happy to help, as our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible while ensuring your ongoing financial protection.

If you have received a request from Clarien to update your personal customer information and have not yet done so, your account may be blocked. To have your account reinstated you must supply documentation in person or contact or call us on 296-6969 as soon as possible.

When requested, you must provide an up to date version of required account documents. Where a certified copy is required, we can copy and certify original documents free of charge if you bring them to a Clarien branch.

Please select the appropriate account type(s) below to review required documentation, forms to be completed and a checklist for reference to ensure that your submission will be complete.

  • – Personal Name Account(s)
  • – Incorporated Entity Account(s)
  • – Trust Account(s)
  • – Association, Charities and Church Account(s)
  • – Sole Trader/Partnership Account(s)


The requested documentation should be returned via one of the following methods:

Email full colour scanned certified copies to

Mail full colour copies to: Clarien Bank Ltd., PO Box HM 665, Hamilton HM CX

Hand deliver original document or coloured copies to either our Paget or Reid Street Bank Branches so that we may scan them.

IMPORTANT: A request for updated Customer Information will only ever be mailed personally to your primary address. Clarien will never ask you for this information over the phone or via email or text message. If you receive an online request for personal information immediately report it to the Clarien Client Service Centre on +1 441 296 6969 or send suspicious emails to